The Cluster.

Pooling expertise - forcing innovations. With this slogan we have found each other and that is how we work. We are medium-sized and globally active companies in the field of exhaust air purification "made in Baden-Württemberg", the state of "hidden champions". Thanks to the close cooperation between research and development, ClustAir always stand for tailor-made, innovative concepts and highly efficient solutions.


There´s something in the Air.

Industrial productions of all industries, internal combustion engines in our vehicles and even farms "consume" clean air. Thus, the title of this article gets a slightly different, but very special meaning for us. Our work always begins with a detailed determination of pollution by using particle measurement technologies. The measurements are performed with regard to immissions and in compliance with legal legislation regarding emission monitoring in the dedusting systems. The results of the measurements enable us to design and develop technologically highly innovative concepts for air pollution control on the broad basis of our knowledge. The systems for air pollution control and cleaning processes are systems as electrical and textile filter systems, catalytic converters, particle filters, exhaust gas recirculation systems as well as particle measurement techniques for emissions and immissions. They are located along the value-added chain and respective production processes and are optimally adapted during implementation to individual requirements to achieve the highest efficiency.